Reconnect project schedule to another TFS team project

As I’ve been learning and understanding about the capabilities (and limitations [more important!])   of Team Foundation Server, I find myself creating new team projects.  When this happens, I want to reload the team project with my tasks from the MS Project.

To specify a new team project, choose Configure Server Connection in the Team tab in MS Project 2010.  The first thing that Project challenges you with is a sanity check to make sure that is something you really want to do.

Configure TFS Server connection from Project - Sanity check

Next, specify the collection and team project that the MS Project schedule will be connected.

Configure TFS Server connection from Project - Specify collection and team project

Viola!  Your MS Project schedule is now linked to your newly created team project.  Publish the your schedule; these will appear as tasks in team project.


For some guidance: 

Once a plan has been created you need to retain it because not all of the scheduling information round trips with TFS.  In addition, TFS does not send dates back to Project so the project plan will start with today’s date when export from TFS to the project plan.

MS Project owns calendar information, resource units (utilization) and lead and lag information associated with predecessor links.

TFS is the source for all work updates from the team.


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