Installing a .Net application on a Windows 2000 computer

As part of our commitment to support our customer’s needs, I had to install my .Net application on a Windows 2000 computer.  This provided its own set of challenges that kept me busy for the good part of the morning.


My adventure started when I attempted to run the ClickOnce setup application created by Visual Studio 2010 on the Windows 2000 computer.  I was greeted by the error:

The procedure entry point GetNativeSystemInfo could not be found in the dynamic library KERNEL32.dll.

We will get to the workaround of this problem later.

Realizing that the Setup will not automatically install the .Net Framework for me, I proceeded to install the perquisites manually which are listed here in the order of installation:

  1. Windows 2000 SP4
  2. Security Update for Windows 2000 (KB835732)
  3. Windows Installer 3.0
  4. .Net Framework 2.0

Please note that after each installation, except for the .Net Framework installation, I had to reboot the computer.

Now, finally, I can install my .Net application.  But, this time, I did not run the setup created by ClickOnce.  I ran the Application Manifest, this is the file with the .Application extension as shown below:


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